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Greetings from the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering

To all prospective students:

profohshima03During your senior high school years, you probably studied science-related courses such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology. Unfortunately, however, it is unlikely that any of you took a course entitled “Engineering”. Therefore, you may find it rather difficult to envisage such a course of study. But, engineering is what has supported the development of many of the things you use today, including cellular phones and hybrid or fully electric vehicles. “Engineering” is also creating our future with innovations such as collision-free automobiles, intelligent robots, and ultra-light, durable materials. It would be fair to say that, for each of you, engineering will be the discipline in which you build on your knowledge of mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology to create new scientific laws and technologies for tomorrow.

This may lead you to believe that engineering is purely an applied discipline designed for the purpose of manufacturing things. However, the distinctive feature of our Faculty of Engineering in an “emphasis on disciplinary foundations”, fostered in line with the Kyoto University tradition of “academic freedom, means examining the true essence of things in one’s own way, unfettered by existing concepts”. To do this requires solid academic foundations. The Kyoto University Faculty of Engineering has long upheld the idea that “a thorough understanding of scientific principles is essential for promoting future applications and advancement of technology on a broad scale. We emphasize fundamentals and basic principles even when pursuing applied research. This emphasis can be discerned in, for example, the Kyoto University Faculty of Engineering having produced Nobel laureates such as Kenichi Fukui and Ryoji Noyori, and the number of candidates for Nobel prizes among present-day graduates of our faculty.

We warmly welcome those who aspire to undertake potentially Nobel prize-winning research; those who dream of using their own free-ranging ideas to generate new and original materials or technologies, even if their work does not lead to a Nobel Prize; and those who love to take the time to create things with an understanding of the fundamentals behind them.

Engineering is certainly not a discipline for males only. Female students are becoming steadily more numerous, year by year. The number of women researchers and technologists in companies and national research institutes is also increasing significantly. Gender is irrelevant in the study of engineering. I hope that prospective female students will have no hesitation in selecting the Kyoto University Faculty of Engineering. Come along to the “Women in Tech” events operated by current female students and instructors in the Faculty of Engineering on Open Campus days. These students and instructors will be happy to talk with you about your plans.

There are six undergraduate schools within the Kyoto University Faculty of Engineering. The range of research conducted in our faculty is far broader than can be imagined simply from the names of those school. It includes such fields as medicine, drug discovery, and information science. I am sure that you will be able to find a laboratory that suits your aspirations and ideals. I would encourage you to enter our faculty and encounter a great variety of people and types of research. I hope you will use your time here to create your own future. And, I am confident that the Kyoto University Faculty of Engineering is “the best place of learning and interacting” that is perfectly suited to your future.

I look forward to welcoming you to our faculty.