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Program for Leading Graduate Schools

Sponsored by MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology), the project is intended to support the fundamental innovation of graduate education for constructing and developing a quality-assured, globally-respected diploma program consistent throughout the master's and doctoral program across boundaries between disciplines, through mobilizing first-class faculty staff members and students from inside and outside Japan and involving industry, academia and government, in order to develop talented students into future leaders globally active across the boundaries between industry, academia and government, with a broad perspective and creativity, to facilitate the development of graduate schools worthy to be called the highest educational institution.

Inter-Graduate School Program for Sustainable Development and Survivable Societies

Today’s global society is facing an increasing frequency of hazardous events and social instability, which can be identified as

1) large-scale natural disasters,

2) unexpected human disasters and accidents,

3) regional environmental changes such as environmental degradation and infectious diseases,

4) issues regarding food security. In the Inter-Graduate School Program for Sustainable

Development and Survivable Societies, a new interdisciplinary area of “Global Survivability Studies” will address and cover each of these issues, and will cultivate human resources

  1. filled with the sense of mission and ethics necessary to overcome the many crisis the human race is facing, and to enrich human society and contribute to its well-being.
  2.  equipped with sound judgment and energy, able to implement appropriate measures based on their own specific expertise, and on a wide vision and a broad-based knowledge.

Collaborative Graduate Program in Design

In this leading program, we propose Collaborative Graduate Program in Design to develop specialists capable of designing social systems and architectures in collaboration with experts from various fields.