Past Projects

        Research and Education Center for the Risk Based Asian Oriented Integrated Watershed Management
        April.2011 - March.2016

  • 21st Century COE Program
    • Research and Education on Complex Functional Mechanical Systems
      April.2003 - March.2008
  • Global COE Program
    • Global Center for Education and Research on Human Security Engineering for Asian Megacities
      July.2008 - March.2013
  • Special Coordination Fund for Promoting Science and Technology
    • Training Program for Global Leaders in Cutting-edge Technology
      April. 2008 - March.2013
    • Kyoto University Urban Policy Unit for Low-Carbon Society
      April. 2009 - March.2014
  • Core University Program
    • Malaysia (Malaya University) Environmental Science
      April. 2000 - March.2010
    • China (Tsinghua University) Urban Environmental Engineering
      April. 2001 - March.2011
  • Core-to-Core Program
    • Advanced Particle Handling Science
      April.2006 - March.2011

Past Chairs

  • JAPAN-CHINA Cooperative Research Laboratory on Environmental Technology
    October.1.2005 - September.30.2008

  • JAPEX Energy Resources Engineering
    May.1.2007 - March.31.2012

  • Advanced transport logistics(Hanshin Expressway
    April.1.2009 - March.31.2012

  • Infrastructure Safety Engineering (JR West
    April.1.2008 - March.31.2013

  • Advanced Battery Research Laboratory
    April.1.2008 - March.31.2014