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Student Consultation Room

The Graduate School of Engineering and Faculty of Engineering have set up a "student consultation room", where students can readily seek consultation on a variety of matters.

All students should feel free to make use of this service to seek consultation on class- and research-related matters, human relationships and living-related issues, or anything else. The privacy of students who come for consultations will be protected, and the confidentiality of all matters will be strictly respected. In particular, we will ensure that matters related directly to academic staff in the student's department or course will be handled by academic staff from other departments and courses, and students can be assured that they will not disadvantaged in any way as a result of coming for a consultation.

If you have any matter that you would like to discuss with a counselor, please contact one of the persons listed in the table below, either by visiting the student consultation room in person or by e-mail or telephone.

Contact personWorkplaceE-mail address
Satoshi Shimamura
(full-time staff member)
1st floor, Physics Bldg.Yoshida TEL:+81-75-753-5001
Nobutaka Iwai
(full-time staff member)
1st floor, Bldg.No.3,Yoshida



Kunio Yokoi
(full-time staff member)
B Cluster,Katsura 1st floor,Administration Bldg. TEL:+81-75-383-2083
Tomoko Kaneki
(full-time staff member)
B Cluster,Katsura 1st floor,Administration Bldg. TEL:+81-75-383-2041
Fumikazu Hataya     
(full-time staff member)
B Cluster, Katsura
3rd floor, Administration Bldg.

* Replace "*" with "@" when sending e-mail to these addresses.