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Finding Articles

There are two kinds of databases. You can use “reference” databases to search by titles of articles, read abstracts, and find links to text (PDF files). In “fact” databases you can find sources or results of experiments and other research.

 Below we provide an outline of the types of electronic resources, available, providing details about the different features of databases that are often used by those majoring in engineering.


 An outline of electronic resources

 General Electronic Resources

 Electronic resources at Kyoto University Libraries


Here you will find guidance about searching for articles, E-journals/E-books and databases used by Kyoto University.

 *There is a limit to the number of users by each databases.

For example)

limit of users(image)

 ↑Only 8 users can use the database at one time.


When you use electronic resources, make sure you use the electronic journal system in the right way by following this guide.


Accessing full text articles

 When you search for articles using reference databases, “Article Linker” (article linker (image1) orarticle linker (image2)) navigates you to the full-text of the article.

 You need an ECS-ID or SPS-ID when you want to access the full-text of an article.

 Remote access

 How to use electronic resources via a remote access service


 Most e-journals and databases are available via KUINS-PPTP remote access service, provided by the IIMC (Institute for Information Management and Communication).

 KUINS PPTP Connecting Service Configuration Manual http://www.kuins.kyoto-u.ac.jp/ja/index.php?PPTP


General Databases for Engineering

  • CiNii Articles [only in KU]
    This database service, provided by the National Information Institute (NII), enables you to search information in academic articles published in academic society journals or university research bulletins, or articles included in the National Diet Library's Japanese Periodicals Index Database. You can retrieve part of the full-text.
  • JDreamⅢ
    You can use this database to search 5.6million worldwide technological articles in Japanese.
    A maximum of 8 users can access this database at one time. [Only in KU]
    • JDreamⅢuser guide [Japanese] http://jdream3.com/guide/
      ※When you “Login”, please enter your name in the window labeled “Onamae”.
  • Ichushi Web [Japan Medical Abstracts Society]
    A maximum of 4 users can access this database at one time. [Only in KU]

    You can search Japanese journals of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and other related disciplines. Japan.
    This database is useful when you want to search for information relating to a range of medical or technological fields of expertise; for example, biomedical engineering, medical informatics.
  • Web of Knowledge 
    This database is provided by Thomson Reuters. It provides access to essential information for all levels of academic, corporate, and government research.[only in KU]
    1. Web of Science
      This database, provided by Thomson Scientific, enables access to the three major citation indexes: Science Citation Index Expanded (SCI), Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI), and the Arts & Humanities Citation Index (A&HCI). These databases bring together indexes for over 12,000 scholarly journals, from the year 1900 to the present. Conference Proceedings (formerly, ISI Proceedings) are also included.
    2. Journal Citation Reports (JCR)
      This database, provided by Thomson Reuters, enables you to identify the highest impact and most frequently used journals in your research field.
    3. Derwent Innovations Index
      This database brings together information about patents in the fields of chemistry, electronic engineering, and all other aspects of technology & engineering from more than 40 countries, dating from 1963 to the present.
    4. Essential Science Indicators (ESI)
      Essential Science Indicators (ESI) is a resource that enables researchers to conduct ongoing, quantitative analyses of research performance and track trends in science. Covering a multidisciplinary selection of 12,000+ journals from around the world, this in-depth analytical tool offers data for ranking scientists, institutions, countries, and journals.
    5. EndNote web
  • Web-based Training, provided by Thomson Reuters

    You can join a live training session (you will need to register for this) and there are a lot of materials on past training sessions, which you can use for self-learning.
  • Scopus [Elsevier]
    This database is the world’s largest abstract and indexing database of 46 million records covering articles from 20,000 peer-reviewed titles from more than 5,000 international publishers.[only in KU]


 Databases relating to specific research fields

 Global Engineering


※More details are available in the Library of Architecture, Kyoto University.


  • Lecture Notes in Physics (1997-present) [Springer]
    E-books in the SpringerLink book series. If you want to browse titles from the same series published before 1996, please search KULINE to confirm which libraries have them.[only in KU]
  • Springer Tracts in Modern Physics (1997-present) [Springer]
    E-books in the SpringerLink book series.[only in KU]
    If you want to browse titles from the same series published before 1996, please search KULINE to confirm which libraries have them.
  • Springer Tracts in Modern Physics [Springer]
    E-books on geology and global physics.[only in KU]
  • SpringerMaterials - The Landolt Bornstein Database [Springer]

    SpringerMaterials is based on the Landolt-Bornstein New Series. This is a unique, fully evaluated collection of data on all aspects of the physical sciences and engineering. SpringerMaterials also comprises the Dortmund Data Bank Software & Separation Technology, a database on thermophysical properties, and the Linus Pauling Files, a database on inorganic solid phases and chemical safety data.[only in KU]

    (abstructs) http://www.springer.com/librarians/e-content/springermaterials?SGWID=0-171102-0-0-0
  • Les Houches [Springer] 
    E-books on geology and global physics(1999-2004) [only in KU]

 Electrical and Electronic Engineering


  • Lecture Notes in Mathematics (1964-present) [Springer]
    E-books in the SpringerLink book series[only in KU]
  • Lecture Notes in Computer Science (1973-present) [Springer]
    E-books in the SpringerLink book series.[only in KU]
  • SIAM ebooks [iGPublishing] Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, provided by the Graduate School of Science
    Mathematical E-books Collection (400 titles)[only in KU]

    Each of the titles can be searched for on KULINE
  • MathSciNet
    This database, provided by the American Mathematical Society, enables you to access to 1,800 journals (1940-), proceedings, and books. It is the web version of Mathematical Reviews and Current Mathematical Publications.[only in KU]

 Chemistry and Chemical Engineering



 Dissertations by Kyoto University

National and international databases