Interlibrary Loan Services (People who belong to the Faculty of Engineering and Fukui Institute)

University members can make Interlibrary Loan (ILL) requests. 1. [Photocopy], 2. [Loan]

■How to apply

You can apply through the online service (MyKULINE)

Please read in advance "Guide to Kyoto University Library Network Online Services".

Estimate of the charge and wait period

Intercampus Loan Service Interlibrary Loan Service
Charge Photocopy It costs 10-20 yen per page. 
It costs 60-80 yen per page in color.
Postage is free ※3
It costs 35-60 yen per page in monochrome.
100-150 yen per page in color.
Plus postage ※1
Loan No charge  Postage is required both ways. ※1

Wait period

It takes a few days to 1 week to obtain material.  ※2 It takes  about 1 week to obtain material. ※2

※1 Please note some libraries require additional charges.

※2 Wait period varies depending upon the lending library and materials requested.

※3 EDDS (Electronic Document Delivery Service)

  • You can read documents which are held in another campuses on a networked PC in your laboratory or OSL (Open Space Laboratory) for a fee.
  • The service is limited to people that can pay the charge for copying documents at public expense (university funds).
  • The PC you use has to be connected to the university network. You cannot save PDFs.

Reference Guide(PDF:463KB)

■Payment method and place of application, receipt, and return

Notation on MyKULINE Where to receive and return Notice
Payment type Apply Lib

public expense


public expense Katsura Library Katsura Library ・Only members of the Faculty of Engineering
・If you are not registered at public expense, you need to apply.
Eng. North Eng. North
Eng. South Eng. South
personal expense personal expense Main Library Main Library ・Please visit directly and use the materials at the libraries in Yoshida campus.

No Charge

(Intercampus Loan Service only )

Katsura Library Katsura Library

Eng. North

Eng. North
Eng. South Eng. South

* Public expense refer to the laboratory budget, and you need permission from the person in charge of payment to use it.  For information on how to apply, please contact the following.

090stosho [at]


〔Intercampus〕 It is not possible to make requests if the material is available in your home campus. In order to obtain such materials, please visit the holding library in person.
〔Loan〕In principle, journals can not be borrowed. Please identify the article you need and apply for a copy.
〔Loan〕Please return the books to the library where you received them.
〔Loan〕There are some conditions such as use only in the building or no copying.
Be sure to observe the terms of use and the expiration date.

Guide to Interlibrary Loan Services (Kyoto University Library Network) (PDF)