Recommended Databases

Databases include article databases, which allow users to search for articles by title and provide full-text PDF links or abstracts of the articles, and factual databases, which contain primary information such as numerical data obtained from surveys and research.

Kyoto University offers about 100 databases and lists by subject and resource type are available at the Kyoto University Library Network Database List
This page provides an overview and features of recommended databases in the engineering field.


  • When using databases marked [Access via the Authentication System], you must configure the
    "E-Journal and Database Authentication System" settings in your browser. For details, please refer to "How to use e-resources".
  • Some databases limit the number of simultaneous accesses.
    When the message "The number of simultaneous accesses has been exceeded" appears on the screen, please wait a moment before accessing the database again.
    • On the Library Network Database List, the number of simultaneous accesses is indicated like this. icon: the number of simultaneous accesses 

Article Databases

General Academic Fields

  • CiNii Research
    CiNii Research provides integrated searches of Japanese academic information.
    In addition to bibliographic information such as books, articles, and research reports, CiNii Research also collects research data, research projects, and information on researchers, etc.
  • Web of Science [Access via the Authentication System]
    Web of Science allows for integrated searches of various databases and services provided by Clarivate Analytics.
    Statistical information and evaluation indicators about academic journals calculated based on citation data are provided and can be used to consider where to submit papers.
  • Union Catalogue Database of Japanese Texts
    Provided by National Institute of Japanese Literature. This database allows you to search and use bibliographic information on Japanese classical materials (pre-Edo period books) and other materials, as well as high-resolution pictures of some of these materials.
  • NDL Digital Collections
    Users can use their own PCs, etc. to browse online materials digitized by the National Diet Library for materials for which the copyright protection period has expired or which are difficult to obtain due to being out of print or for other reasons.
    Cross-search digital archives of various fields and institutions in Japan. On the platform, you can search, browse, and utilize metadata of content in various fields, including books, official documents, cultural properties, art, humanities, natural history/science and engineering, academic assets, broadcast programs, and movies.
  • Europeana
    The Europeana website provides access to Europe's digital cultural heritage. You can access to digital materials (image, text, sound, video, 3D) from thousands of institutions (galleries, libraries, archives, museums, etc.) throughout Europe.
  • HathiTrust Digital Library
    In the HathiTrust Digital Library collection, you can find materials in all fields published in more than 400 languages. The digital library of 18+ million digitized items brings together the collections of more than 60 academic and research libraries from across North America and other countries.
  • Internet Archive
    You can search the world's archived web pages, digital resources, movies, music, and more.

Engineering and Related Fields

    Provided by Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST). J-GLOBAL provides integrated searches of scientific and technical information.
  • Engineering Index [Access via the Authentication System]
    Provided by ProQuest. Sources covered include engineering journals, books, newspapers, conference proceedings, etc.
    Coverage: 1966 - Current
    Subjects: civil, earthquake, environmental, mechanical, transportation engineering, forensic engineering, engineering services, education, theoretical mechanics and dynamics, mathematics/computation, design, construction, and latest technological developments
  • JDreamⅢ  (simultaneous access: 2) (in Japanese)
    JDreamIII allows users to search for literature and research information related to science and technology.
    It collects science and technology journals, academic society journals, association journals, technical reports from companies, universities, incorporated administrative agencies, public testing laboratories, etc., trade journals, clinical reports, etc. 
    • Please select "IP接続ログイン" (IP connection login) and enter your "職種" (job category) and "お名前" (name).
    • JDreamIII user guide (in Japanese) 


  • ATOMICA (in Japanese)
    Provided by Japan Atomic Energy Agency. The online encyclopedia provides a wide range of information related to nuclear energy.


  • MathSciNet [Access via the Authentication System]
    Provided by American Mathematical Society.  A comprehensive bibliographic and review database for literature in all areas of mathematics. In addition to journal articles, this database contains information on literature published in books, proceedings, and dissertations. 


  • CAS SciFinder Discovery Platform 
    Information search tool for researchers in chemistry and life science-related fields. It allows you to search academic papers, patents, chemical substances, chemical reactions, physical properties, laws and regulations, reagent catalogs, formulation/compounding information, and analytical methods in one place, enabling you to obtain information efficiently.
    • Library Network website: User registration (in Japanese) 
    • The following four tools are available.
      • CAS SciFinder® [CAS website]
        Scientific information (literature, patents, substances, reactions) search tool for all areas of material science
      • CAS Formulus® [CAS website]
        Search tool specialized in formulation and compounding information
      • CAS Analytical Methods [CAS website]
        Search tool specialized in analytical information such as analytical procedures, measuring instruments, validation data, etc.
      • ChemZent® [CAS website]
        The online version of "Chemisches Zentralblatt", the world's oldest German-language chemistry abstract journal
        ※It can be accessed from the CAS SciFinder® bibliography.
    • CAS SciFinder Support
  • Kagakusho Shiryo-kan (化学書資料館) (in Japanese)
    Online versions of "化学便覧:基礎編 / 応用化学編", "実験化学講座" and "標準化学用語辞典" edited by The Chemical Society of Japan. Integrated search and full-text browsing are available.


  • Ichushi Web (医中誌Web) [Access via the Authentication System(in Japanese)
    Online version of "医学中央雑誌". You can search medical literature information collected from medical-related periodicals published in Japan. Useful for research in multidisciplinary fields of engineering and medicine, such as biomedical engineering and medical informatics.

Civil Engineering

  • JSCE Civil Engineering Library catalog & bibliography search (in Japanese)
    In addition to books and journals held by the JSCE Civil Engineering Library, you can also search for bibliographic information and abstracts contained in journals and proceedings published by the Japan Society of Civil Engineers.


Electrical and Electronic Engineering

  • IEEJ Electronic Library (in Japanese)
    IEEJ Electronic Library is a distribution and sales service for academic materials (journal articles, technical reports, conference proceedings, etc.) owned and managed by the Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan (IEEJ). You can search for literature by material type, keyword, and publication date, and browse summaries.
    • Among the materials in the IEEJ Electronic Library, Katsura Library holds "技術報告", "論文誌", and "研究会資料".
  • IEICE Technical Report Online Service
    IEICE Technical Report Online Service provides technical research reports since 2006/2007. Access is limited to the campus network and requires free user registration.
  • IEICE Transactions
    You can search and browse the full text of 4 Japanese journals, 4 English journals, and Transactions (1976-1990).
  • IEEE Xplore [Access via the Authentication System]
    IEEE Xplore is a database of papers, conference proceedings, standards, and books published by IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and its publishing partners.
    • You cannot log in using the "Institutional Sign In" button. Please use the E-Journal and Database Authentication System.


※For Kyoto University’s dissertations, please refer to "Use of Dissertations".

  • NDL Search
    Please open the refiner and select the material type "Doctoral Dissertations" to search.
    • Some dissertations are classified as "Standards and Technical Reports". 
      For detailed information on how to search for dissertations, please refer to "Research Navi>Dissertations". (in Japanese)
  • ProQuest Dissertations & Theses (PQDT) Global  

    PQDT Global is a database of dissertations (doctoral theses/master's theses) from universities around the world. Bibliographic abstracts are available since 1637 and full texts are available since 1743.

Factual Databases

  • Kyoto University Research Institute for Sustainable Humanosphere RISH Data Server
    Databases on forests, atmosphere, space, etc. are available.
  • Research Information Database
    A collection of databases constructed based on the research results of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST).
  • Geomagnetic Data Service  
    Provided by World Data Center for Geomagnetism, Kyoto. Indices, geomagnetic field data at the observatories, models, data catalog, etc. are available. 
  • Data Koukai Ichiran (in Japanese)
    Provided by National Research Institute for Earth Science and Disaster Resilience. This website provides data on earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, etc., using observation networks covering Japan, research using one of the world's largest experimental facilities, and hazard and risk research.
  • Japan Platform for Patent Information(J-PlatPat)
    You can search and browse Japanese and foreign patent gazettes (U.S., European, and international applications) for patents, utility models, designs, trademarks, and trial information.
  • Rika Nenpyo Premium (in Japanese)
    The online version of  "Rika Nenpyo" (理科年表), a science data book edited by National Astron80 years from the first edition to the latest edition, and all table data can be downloaded in CSV format.
  • Derwent Innovations Index (DII) 
    DII contains patent information from patent issuing authorities in more than 40 countries, as well as patent information by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Europe, US, UK, Germany, and Japan. It covers all technical fields, including chemistry, electronics and electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering.
    • You can search on the Web of Science platform. Integrated search including other databases is available by setting the search target to "All Databases".
  • KEGG: Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes
    Provided by Institute for Chemical Research, Kyoto University. KEGG is a database resource for understanding high-level functions and utilities of the biological system.
  • NIMS Materials Database (MatNavi)
    Provided by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST). 
    MatNavi includes Polymer DB, Inorganic Material DB, Metallic Material DB,  Computational Electronic Structure DB, etc.