Useful Websites

Kyoto University

Graduate School of Engineering and Faculty of Engineering

Library Network

Institute for Information Management and Communication

  • Cyber Learning Space [ECS/SPS-ID required]
    This provides institution-wide and/or department-wide e-Learning training courses managed by organizations in Kyoto University. Recordings and materials for Kyoto University Library Network Workshop are available on campus.
  • Learning Support System (PandA) [ECS/SPS-ID required]
    On this online learning support system, you can browse teaching materials, submit reports, and answer quizzes.
  • Event・Lectures
    Information about tutorials (programming, software and so on) by the IIMC.
  • Satellite seminar room・OSL setting place

Other databases

Other than Kyoto University

National Diet Library

  • NDL Search
    You can search over 200 databases provided by the National Diet Library. The search function is powered by J-GLOBAL and you can search using technical terms.
  • Research Navi
    Research Navi provides English content to support learning about Japan and Asia.
  • Collaborative Reference Database [Japanese]
    This reference database has been produced in collaboration with the National Diet Library and members of other libraries across Japan. Many references (questions to a library and answers from the library) of members of this database are published.

Other databases

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