Check out, Return, Renewal(The North Library/The South Library)

Check out

Books can be checked out at the counter or by using the self check-out/return machine.
Some books cannot be checked out from the self check-out/return machine, so please bring them to the counter.

Maximum limits & Loan period 

Faculty Undergraduates, Graduate Students, Staff 
Open-shelf Books 5 volumes / 2 weeks 5 volumes / 2 weeks
Books in Stacks Area  30 volumes / 3 months 10 volumes / 1 month
  • Books for experiment (which are held by the North Library and only Undergraduates of Department of Electrical and Electronic can borrow them): 3 volumes / 1 month / No renewal possible
  • Periodicals and reference books must be returned on the same day.


Please return books to the counter or use the self check-out/return machine. 
Some materials cannot be returned by the self check-out/return machine, so please bring them to the counter.
When the library is closed, please return books to the book drop out of the Library door.

You can return books borrowed from other campuses to the North/South Library.
e.g.) If you borrow a book from a Katsura Library on Katsura campus, you can return it to The South Library.

For more details, please refer to this website.
Inter-campus Return Service

If you do not return books after the due date, you will not be able to borrow any books.
Overdue loans cause inconvenience to other users. Please be sure to return books until the due date.


If a book has not been reserved by other users, you can extend the loan period using any of the following ways.
*Currently, open-shelf books can be renewed up to 5 times and books in the stack room can be renewed up to 2 times to prevent infectious diseases.

  • Using Kyoto University MyKULINE.
  • Request on extension by bringing your book and your identification card (employee ID card, student ID card, or library card) to the counter within the loan period.

If you extend the loan period through MyKULINE, you need ECS-ID or SPS-ID*.

*An ECS-ID or SPS-ID can be issued to students (ECS-ID) or faculty /staff members (SPS-ID) by the Institute of Information Management and Communication. Your ID will be in the format: a0******.

Please contact us if you cannot log in to MyKULINE.