Course Title : Integrated Disasters and Resources Management in Watersheds

Code 10F106
Course Year Master and Doctor Course
Term 2nd term
Class day & Period Mon 1st
Location Katsura Campus, Ujigawa Open Laboratory, Shirahama Oceanographic Observatory and Hodaka Sedimentation Observatory
Credits 2
Lecture Form(s) Lecture and Exercise
Language English

Course Description

Mechanism and countermeasures of sediment disasters, flood disasters, urban flood disasters and coastal disasters are explained. An integrated watershed management of these disasters and water/sediment resources is also introduced. This lecture will be open at Katsura Campus, Ujigawa Open Laboratory, Shirahama Oceanographic Observatory and Hodaka Sedimentation Observatory. Students attending this lecture must take one of the intensive experiment/field study courses offered in Ujigawa Open Laboratory and these observatories.


Presentation, Discussion and Report

Course Goals

Learn an integrated basin management system for natural disasters (sediment disasters, food disasters, coastal disasters, urban flood disasters) mitigation and water/sediment resources utilization considering environmental conservation.

Course Topics

Theme Class number of times Description
Urban flood disaster managemnet 2 We review urban floods from the viewpoint of river basins, flood causes, and features, together with the results of recent studies. Based on these studies, we propose comprehensive measures against urban floods, including underground inundations. In addition, we discuss on prediction methods of the tsunami disaster in urban area.
Flood disaster management 2 Prevention / mitigation measures against flood disasters and flood prediction methods are explained as well as examples of recent flood disasters in Japan.
Sediment disaster management 2 Showing the problems on sediment disasters and sediment resources, I explain an integrated sedimnet management system both for sediment disasters and sediment resources.
Coastal disaster management 2 Coastal erosion and tsunami hazard become remarkable in these days in Japanese coast. In a lecture, we discuss on characteristics of such coastal disasters.
Exercise on flood disaster at Ujigawa Open Laboratory (Selective) 集中2日間 Experiment and analysis on debris flows, riverbed variation and flooding at Ujigawa Open Laboratory, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto city.
Exercise on sediment related disaster at Hodaka Sedimentation Observatory (Selective) 集中2日間 The Hodaka Sedimentation Observatory is located at Okuhida region, Gifu Prefecture. In the field exercise, observation methods of rainfall-runoff and sediment movement processes will be explained. Field investigations into several types of erosion control facilities, sediment producing sites, debris flow sites and sediment related disaster sites will be carried out.
Exercise on coastal disaster at Shirahama Oceanographic Observatory (Selective) 集中2日間 The Shirahama Oceanographic Observatory is located in Shirahama, Wakayama Prefecture. In the lecture, the observatory, waves, currents and tide levels monitoring system is demonstrated as well as the observation tower and the observation boat.






Hydraulics, River Engineering, Coastal Engineering, Sediment Transport Hydraulics

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