Course Title : International Internship of Faculty of Engineering I

Code 24020
Course Year Junior and Senior students
Term Through the academic year
Class day & Period Intensive course
Location Defined in each internship program.
Credits 1
Restriction Defined in each internship program
Lecture Form(s) Exercise
Language English, et al.
Instructor Chairperson of Foreign Students and International Academic Exchange Subcommittee, Faculty members in charge of educational affairs of the undergraduate school the registrant belongs to.

Course Description

Acquisition of international skills with the training of foreign language through the internship programs hosted by the University, the Faculty of Engineering, or the undergraduate school the applicant belongs to.


Marit rating is done based on the presentation or reports after each internship program. Each Department responsible to identify if the credit earned by this subject to be included as mandatory ones or not. If the credit is not included in the undergraduate school in which the participant belongs to, the credit is granted by the Global Leadership Education Center as a optional credit. The number of credits, either 1 or 2, will be determined depending on the contents and the duration of the program that the participant has participated in.

Course Goals

The acquisition of international skills with the training of foreign language through the to internship programs hosted by the University is the major expectation to the students.

Course Topics

Theme Class number of times Description
Overseas Internship 1 The contents to be acquired should be described in the brochure of each internship program.
Final Presentation 1 A presentation by the student is required followed by discussion among participants.




Described in the application booklet for each internship program. The registrant is requested to have enough language skills for the participation.

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Additional Information

It is required for students to check if the internship program to participate in could be evaluated as part of mandatory credits or not and could earn how many credits before the participation to the undergraduate school or educational program the student in enrolled. If the credit could not be treated as mandatory ones, get in touch with the Global Leadership Engineering Education Center.