Course Title : Experiments on Hydraulics

Code 30870
Course Year 3rd year
Term 1st term
Class day & Period
Credits 2
Restriction No Restriction
Lecture Form(s) Exercise
Language Japanese
Instructor Gotoh, Toda, Hosoda, Kishida, Sanjou, Harada, Kawaike, Takebayashi, Baba, Mori, Ikari, Onda, Yorozu, Okamoto, Azuma, Zhang, Nohara, Hamaguchi

Course Description

Guidance of laboratory experiments in hydraulics and measurement instruments.
Eight experiments are conducted about pipe flow, open-channel flow, waves, flow in porous media, density flow, hydrodynamic force, sediment transport


Attendance : 40 points
Reports and homework : 60 points
total : 100 points

Course Goals

Understanding hydraylic phenomena through various flows observed in the hydraulic laboratory

Course Topics

Theme Class number of times Description
Guidance 1 Guidance of hydraulics laboratory and course goals
Instruments in hydraulics laboratory 1 Introduction of measurement instruments
Methods and principles of hydraulic experiments
Experiments 1 - 4 8 Rotation for eight experiments A to H as mentioned below
Guide for writing reports 4 Guide for writing reports
A)Transition from lamiar to turbulent flows, friction law in pipe flows (1) Observation of dye patterns in lamiar and turbulent flows in pipes
Understanding Hagen-Poiseuille flow and Prandtl-Karman flow
B)Velocity and free-surface profiles in open-channel flows (1) Measurements of free-surface and velocity profiles
Comparison measured results with theories
C)Hydraulic jump in horizontal bed (1) Understanding hydraulic jump
Comparison measured free-surface variations with theories
D)Transmission and deformation behaviors of waves (1) Measurements of wave deformations, wave height and orbits of water particles
Comparison measured data with small amplitude wave theory and breaking-wave formula
E)Flow in porous media and underground water (1) Measurments steady flows in porous media by using pipenet model and Hele-Shaw model
F)Density flow (1) Measurement and understanding transport mechanisms in density flows
Evaluations of front speed and related friction laws
G)Hydraulic force on cylinder (1) Measurements of pressure distributions on cylinder surface in open-channel flows
Observation of Karman vortex behind cylinder
H)Sediment transport (1) Measurements and observations of bed load in open-channel flows.
Comparison with theories and formulae
Presentations of experimental resutls 1 Presentations for experimental results and related discussions




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