Special Medical Examination for Students (General Chemical Substances)

2023 Special Medical Examination for Students (General Chemical Substances) Questionnaire

Those wishing to take the Special Medical Examination must contact the cluster academic affairs department and upload the questionnaire to the following URL.

[1] Format (Japanese and English)

[2] Notes

・When uploading, please name the file with "10-digit student number, major name, course, and full name."
Example: "1030351234・Materials Chemistry・Master・Kyodai Taro"

・The upload URL differs depending on the location and date.
・Please be sure to upload by the deadline.
・If you wish to make any corrections, please upload the questionnaire again.
・Even if the upload is successful, there will be no return email.

[3] URL

Date: November 6th (Monday)
Location: Yoshida Campus 
Upload deadline: October 19th (Thursday)
Upload to:

Date: November 13th (Monday)
Location: Uji Campus
Upload deadline: October 25th (Wednesday)
Upload to:

Date: November 16th (Thursday) and 17th (Friday)
Location: Katsura Campus
Upload deadline: October 27th (Friday)
Upload to:

Implementation date: November 27th (Monday)
Location: Yoshida Campus (Graduate School of Human and Environmental Studies Building)
Upload deadline: Thursday, November 9th
Upload to: