Philosophy and Objectives


The pursuit of the truth is the essence of learning.

Contained therein is the notion that engineering encompasses all fields of science that make direct or indirect contributions to the lives of people and essentially plays a significant role in the ongoing advancement of the global community and in the progress of civilization. The Graduate School of Engineering and the Faculty of Engineering at Kyoto University, in accordance with the above understanding, is committed to the development of science and technology in harmony with the natural environment, with an emphasis on academic fundamentals and basic principles , as well as to the provision of an education that combines a focus on the attainment of outstanding professional skills and high standards of morality with a balanced approach to acquiring a solid liberal arts education and sense of individuality. In engaging in such research and education, we are mindful of the need to promote ties with local communities and encourage international exchanges. We shall operate the Graduate School and the Faculty based on respect for both the autonomy of the various research and educational bodies under our jurisdiction and the human rights of each person and will respond to the need to be socially accountable with as much effort as we can at all times summon.


The Graduate School of Engineering and the Faculty of Engineering consider the nature of engineering and their mission as academic organizations to be as follows.

The mission of the Graduate School of Engineering and Faculty of Engineering is to achieve the abovementioned philosophy while continuing the tradition of an open academic culture that respects the independence of individual members. More specifically, we aim to create and inherit knowledge and technologies derived from free and open-minded intellectual activities.

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