Overseas Study/Overseas Travel

Students who study abroad can be broadly divided into two categories. In the first category exchange students  pursue overseas study programs based on inter-university and inter-departmental exchange agreements. All other kinds of overseas students from Kyoto University can be grouped into the second category.


Notification of Overseas Travel

When you travel abroad for any purpose, you have to fill in Nortification of Overseas Travel(Document forms are here or available in the administrative office.) and submit it to the administration office. All students including international students and non-regular students are requested to complete this notification.

MOFA Japan Overseas Travel Registration

During stay abroad, Japanese students are requested to register to MOFA Japan Overseas Travel Registration (shoter than 3 months:TABI-Reji, longer than 3 months:ORR)  to get travel safety information. We ask all students to make efforts to prepare in case of emergency or unusual situations.

Reference: MOFA Japan Overseas Safety HP

International Students

Please note that when international students temporary leave/re-entry from/into Japan, you have to take the procedures following the immigration law (KU HP). Also you are requested to get travel safety information and make efforts to prepare in case of emergency or unusual situations.