The "Re-Inventing Japanese University Project-International Program on Resilient Society Development under Changing Climate-" held an Opening Faculty Development Symposium on November 23, 2017.


Report on Faculty Development Symposium 

A Faculty Development Symposium was hosted in Bangkok on November 23, 2017 for the purpose of reviewing the project for FY 2017 and preparing for FY 2018. The programs implemented in FY 2017 were as follows:
1) Program 1: Overseas internship programs for undergraduate students (August-September 2017)
2) Program 2: Bidirectional short-term study abroad programs for Master's students (August-September 2017)
3) Program 3: Bidirectional medium and long-term study abroad programs for Master's students (2 students dispatched for 6 months/3 students accepted for 3 months)
4) Program 4: Short-term sandwich courses for Doctoral students (November 2017)
5) Program 5: Winter schools for Doctoral students (December 2017)

The 35 people who participated in the symposium were from 10 universities and 5 member countries. Prior to the symposium, university teachers who dispatched their students gathered in the morning to report the situation of dispatching/accepting students in 2017 and exchanged opinions about contents of lectures, assessment of the students' achievements, the students’ opinions on the project, etcetera. In the afternoon, the symposium proceeded according to the schedule shown below. In the panel discussion, the panelists exchanged opinions as to what are to be dealt with in the lecture and how the lectures should proceed in FY 2018.

Opening Address
Prof. Hiroyasu Ohtsu, Project Leader, Graduate School of Eng., Kyoto Univ.
Report on Courses in 2017
1)  Program 1: [Internship for Under-Graduate Students] Prof. Tomomi Yagi, Kyoto Univ.
2) Program 2: [Group Work] Dr. Maki Koyama, Gifu Univ.
3) [One-day Internship for Master’s Course Students] Dr. Hideki Sawa, Newjec Inc.
4) [Field Trip in Thailand] Dr. Anurak Sriariyawat, Chulalongkorn Univ.
5) Questionnaire results: Dr. Kakuya Matsushima, Kyoto Univ.
Panel Discussion
1)  Chair: Prof. Hiroyasu Ohtsu (Project Leader), Kyoto Univ.
2) Dr. Indrajit Pal, Asian Institute of Technology
3) Dr. Suttisak Soralump, Kasetsart University
4) Dr. Anuruk Sriariyawat, Chularongkorn University
5) Prof. Mai Trong Nhuan, Vietnam National University, Hanoi
6) Prof. Weicheng Lo, National Cheng Kung University
7) Prof. Yasuto Tachikawa, Graduate School of Eng., Kyoto Univ.
Closing Address
Dr. Noppadol Phien-wej, Asian Institute of Technology

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