Delegation from Seoul National University visited Katsura Campus, 25th January 2010

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Delegation from Seoul National University visited Kyoto University Katsura Campus in the afternoon of 25th January 2010. Dean of College of Engineering, Prof. Kang TaeJin, Dean of Veterinary Medicine, Prof. Kweon OhKyeong, Dean of College of Human Ecology, Dean of Pharmacy, Prof. Suh YoungGer, Prof. Lee Yuri from College of Human Ecology, and the Dean of College of Arts, Prof. Jahng Soo-Hong, Prof. Park ChungHee from College of Human Ecology, Prof. Seo SeungWoo from College of Engineering were the delegation members.



 Komori demonstrating water tank experimentFirst of all, they paid a courtesy call on the Dean of Graduate School of Engineering, Prof. Koichiro Oshima, Vice Dean Prof. Satoru Komori, Prof. Tetsuo Sawaragi, Dr Masashi Osa, Dr Sunmin Kim. Kyoto University members welcomed them and introduced Kyoto University and Katsura Campus. Subsequently, Vice Dean Prof. Komori demonstrated water tank experiment.


Vice Dean Prof. Komori demonstrating water tank experiment.


At the C Cluster building where the Global Engineering fields’ departments are located,Prof. Kunitomo Sugiura presented the Global 30 Project, the main purpose of which is to accept a large number of foreign students and to become internationalized university.Hayeong introducing the GCOE-HSE Program. Assoc. Prof. Kakuya Matsushima and his staff members presented their research subjects and the relationship between Graduate School of Engineering and Graduate School of Management in Kyoto University. Further, Dr. JEONG Hayeong introduced the GCOE-HSE Program.



Dr. JEONG Hayeong introducing the GCOE-HSE Program.


At the A Cluster building where the Electrical and Electronic Engineering fields’ and Chemical Science and Technology fields’ departments are located, Prof Susumu Noda introduced the GCOE-PESEC program of which he is in charge. After the introduction, they visited Prof. Noda’s lab, Prof. Yoichi Kawakami’s lab and Prof. Koichi Eguchi’s lab.


Lastly, they visited the Nobel Prize and Fields Prize exhibition at Funai Hall.

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