Official Visit by a delegation of Norwegian University of Science and Technology (March 25, 2015)

A delegation from Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Norway, visited the Graduate School of Engineering. The delegation was headed by Professor Guennadi Kouzaev, Department of Electronics and Telecommunications of NTNU, with one professor, 31 undergraduate students and 7 master students. The delegation of 40, designed this visit to learn about Japanese  education system and create an avenue for academic exchange with Kyoto students in the Division of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

NTNU was reformed in 1996 by a merger of some institutes including the University of Trondheim. The university consists of seven faculties with a total of 48 departments with approximately 3,000 faculty members and 22,000 students.  NTNU is a center for technological education and research in Norway.  It has 4 Nobel prize laureates.

The Graduate School of Engineering and the University of Trondheim commenced a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in 1990.  Then the School signed with NTNU in 1996.  Under the umbrella of the comprehensive MOU, researchers in the two universities have consistently enhanced academic exchanges.

Dr.  Yoshinori Tanaka, Lecturer of the Global Leadership Engineering, acted as a MC of the presentation at Katsura lounge.  First, Prof. Hitoshi Mikada, Vice Chair of the Committee for International Academic Exchange, made a welcome remark and presented an overview of the School, Kyoto.  Thereafter, Prof. Tomomichi Hagiwara of the Department of Electrical Engineering, Coordinator of this visit, introduced the Division of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.  Following that, Prof. Kouzaev extended his thanks to Prof. Mikada for the academic collaborations and student exchanges for years and provided a brief introduction of the NTNU.

We divided the delegation into six groups from A to F. Each group toured two laboratories which conduct advanced research in the Division of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.  We, including Kyoto students, discussed mutual and specific interests at laboratories with them.

After the laboratory tour, they got together at Katsura lounge.  Prof. Mikada inspired Norwegian students to come to Kyoto for a study. Then as of his closing remarks he wishes that the two universities will enrich further collaboration.

NorwayMikada NorwayKouzaev
Prof. Mikada Prof. Kouzaev (Left)
NorwayTanaka NorwayHagiwara
Dr. Tanaka Prof. Hagiwara
Norwaylounge Norwaygroup
Katsura lounge Group photo
Norwaylab1 Norwaylab2
Laboratory of Prof. Doi Laboratory of Prof. Hagiwara
Norwaylab3 Norwaylab4
Laboratory of Prof. Hikihara Laboratory of Dr. Yamada
Norwaylab5 Norwaystudents
Laboratory of Prof. Fujita Norwegian and Japanese students exchanging views


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