Courtesy Visit by a delegation of the University of British Columbia, Okanagan (Dec. 3, 2018)

A delegation of the University of British Columbia (UBC), Okanagan, Canada, visited the Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University, on Dec. 3, 2018.  The delegation was headed by Dr. Rehan Sadiq, Associate Dean of the Faculty of Applied Science. He was accompanied by 2 respected researchers.

UBC, located in Vancouver, was established in 1915 and its Okanagan Campus in Kelowna was open in 2005. Currently, it has about 5,400 faculty members and 65,000 students in its 25 schools and faculties. UBC is at present one of the highest ranking universities in Canada and also is a famous leading institute in the world.  It counts 8 Nobel Prize Laureates as alumni.  

Kyoto University and the University of British Columbia commenced the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in November, 2014.  A Student Exchange Agreement between the two universities was concluded in 2015 as well. Based on the umbrella of the comprehensive MOU and Agreement, the two universities have a steady partnership in research and education.

One of the delegates, Dr. Liu designed this official visit in earnest to establish collaborations and exchanges between the two institutes. He graduated from the Department of Earth Resources Engineering and received his doctorate in engineering from the School in 2000.

The meeting began with remarks by Prof. Shu Seki, in charge of the Committee for International Academic Exchange of the School, giving a welcome speech. Thereafter, Associate Dean Sadiq expressed gratitude on behalf of the delegates.  Prof. Yoshikazu Takahashi, a member of the Committee for International Academic Exchange, and Prof. Tomomi Yagi, Head of the Department of Civil and Earth Resources Engineering, joined the meeting.

Afterwards, they discussed mutual interests for the purpose of pursuing the possibility of establishing a new collaboration. Consequently, both institutes concurred at the end of the meeting that student exchanges between them could be beneficial and productive.

Following that, they toured the Structural laboratory in the Department of Civil and Earth Resources Engineering / Urban Management with great interest.

It is an ideal progress that a Kyoto University graduate becomes a researcher and continues to encourage cooperation with the School.  We look forward to the exchanges between the two institutes being further promoted and fruitfully expanded in the future.

Prof.Seki Dr. Sadiq
Prof. Seki(in the middle) Dr. Sadiq (in the middle)
UBCgroup UBC welcoming
Group photo

In front of

the welcoming board

UBC tour UBC clock
Facility tour

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