Official Visit by a delegation of Mahidol University (June 1, 2018)

A delegation of Mahidol University, Thailand, visited the Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University, on June 1, 2018. The delegation was composed of 5 undergraduate students of the Department of Chemistry, the Faculty of Engineering. Their visit was designed to join a short term undergraduate course program of Environmental Engineering, starting from June 1 for 2 months. The School invites some 3rd year students from the Department of Chemistry for the course program every year.

The Environmental Engineering Course of the School has been advancing the frontiers of environmental engineering; to enhance quality of life and protect health since the foundation of Department of Environmental and Sanitary Engineering (the predecessor of the Course) in 1958. Kyoto University's tradition of liberal and academic freedom makes our approach to environmental problems unique and integrated. We wish continue our efforts to play a leading role in research and education in this field for the next generation.

Established in 1888 as a medical school of Thailand’s first hospital, Mahidol University, located in Bangkok, was reorganized as a national university in 1943. At present, it has about 3,500 faculty members and 20,000 students in its 17 faculties, 8 schools, 6 university colleges and 9 affiliated hospitals. Mahidol University is currently the highest ranking university in Thailand.

Kyoto University and Mahidol University commenced a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in 2014. Under the umbrella of the comprehensive MOU, the School and Mahidol University have a steady development of cooperation in research and education.

A delegation headed by Prof.Worawit Israngku, the previous Dean of Faculty of Engineering of Mahidol, made a courtesy visit on August 8, 2017. The former Vice Dean Masahiro Ohshima and other correlated researchers met with him to discuss how to implement active exchanges for researchers and students. Successful exchanges brought us to sign the student agreement between the School of Kyoto and the Faculty of Mahidol in May 2018.

At the visit to the Dean of the School,  students extended their thanks to Dean Masahiro Ohshima for the participation in an undergraduate course program in the field of environmental engineering study which has been conducted for many years. Prof. Shigeo Fujii, the Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies, and Associate Prof. Fumitake Nishimura, Department of Environmental Engineering of the School, joined the meeting. They encouraged the students that their stay in Kyoto would be meaningful.

We look forward that the exchanges between the two universities will be further promoted and fruitfully expanded in the future.


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Students of Mahidol University

Dean Ohshima (in the middle)

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       Group photo    In front of the welcoming  board

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