Courtesy Visit by a delegation of the University of Brawijaya (29 March 2019)

  A delegation of University of Brawijaya visited the Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University, on 29 March 2019.
The university is located in Malang and established in 1963 as a state university in Indonesia. It is one of the prominent universities in the country, presently having more than 4,000 faculty members and 60,000 students.
The research group of the Department of Civil and Earth Resources Engineering and the Department of Urban Management, Graduate School of Engineering, has engaged in collaborative academic activities and exchange student programs with the Department of Regional and Urban Planning, the University of Brawijaya. The faculty members of Kyoto University deliver lectures at the University of Brawijaya as well.
  One of the delegates, Asst. Prof. Ari enrolled as a doctoral student in 2008 and graduated from the Graduate School of Engineering. She served as a liaison bridge between the two universities.
  Consequently, the two universities reached an agreement to conclude a Memorandum of Understanding to strengthen existing cooperation in February 2017.
  At the courtesy visit to Dean of the Graduate School of Engineering, Dr. Juwono extended his appreciation to Dean Masahiro Oshima for the collaborative project and fostering of young researchers in the field of civil engineering for many years. Prof. Yoshikazu Takahashi, a member of the Committee for International Academic Exchange, Assoc. Prof. Kakuya Matsushima joined in the meeting. They discussed mutual and specific interests for promoting further academic exchanges.

  It is an ideal progress that a Kyoto University graduate becomes a researcher and continues to encourage cooperation. We look forward to the exchanges between the two universities being further promoted and fruitfully expanded in the future.





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