Kyoto University-Tsinghua University Symposium 2023 on Research and Education of Environmental Engineering Successfully Held

On the morning of December 16, Professor Masaki Takaoka, Head of the Department of Environmental Engineering at Kyoto University, led a visit to Shenzhen International Graduate School at Tsinghua University (TSIGS). Professor Wu Xiaofeng (Secretary of the Party Committee of TSIGS), Professor Guan Yuntao (Vice Dean of the Institute of Environment and Ecology), and other faculties met with the delegation and held a discussion.図1.jpg

Group photo of members of Tsinghua University and Kyoto University


Professor Wu Xiaofeng warmly welcomed the arrival of the delegation from Kyoto University. He pointed out that the cooperation between Tsinghua University and Kyoto University is an excellent and in-depth cooperation. Since the early beginning, TSIGS has attached great importance to international cooperation and will carry out more international construction in the future.


Professor Masaki Takaoka introduced the operation status of the double degree program (DD program) between Kyoto University and Tsinghua University as well as some joint research projects. He specially pointed out that the first Japanese student enrolled in DD program and came to TSIGS for one-year study in this year, which is of great significance to the DD program. He expressed his hope of deepening cooperation in talent cultivation and research and obtaining more achievements in the future.


Then, faculties from the two universities had an in-depth discussion on the operation of DD program as well as the existing problems. Professor Wu Xiaofeng said that TSIGS will fully support the two universities to expand and deepen cooperation.


In the afternoon, Kyoto University-Tsinghua University Symposium 2023 on Research and Education of Environmental Engineering was held, which was organized by the Cooperative Research and Education Center for Environmental Technology (CRECET) and co-organized by Graduate School of Engineering and Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies at Kyoto University together with TSIGS. More than 50 attendees from Kyoto University, Tsinghua University, Sun Yat-sen University, Hohai University as well as Chinese and Japanese environmental enterprises participated in the symposium.


Group photo of Symposium Attendee


Professor Zuo Jian'e, Vice Dean of TSIGS, expressed a warm welcome to the arrival of faculties and students from Kyoto University as well as and representatives of Japanese enterprises. He reviewed the fruitful achievements in education and research during the cooperation between the two universities. He hoped to deepen further industry-university-research cooperation.


Professor Zuo Jian’e in his greeting speech


Professor Yasuto Tachikawa, Dean of the Graduate School of Engineering at Kyoto University, expressed his sincere gratitude to the organizers of this symposium. He said that the cooperation between Kyoto University and Tsinghua University was conducive to sharing knowledge and ideas, and was conducive to innovation. He specifically pointed out that the DD program between the two universities was successfully implemented in the first five years, and he hoped such cooperation could be more in-depth in the future.


Professor Yasuto Tachikawa in his greeting speech


Dr. Hiroshi Kishino from Kubota Corporation delivered a speech on behalf of Mr. Sadao Mino, who is the president of council of CRECET. He affirmed the achievements made by Kyoto University and Tsinghua University in the past two decades, and expressed their continued support in the future collaboration of talent cultivation and scientific research.


Five professors introduced the international education programs in Kyoto University and Tsinghua University, and shared the valuable experiences. Students from Tsinghua University and Kyoto University narrated their experiences in this year’s Sakura Science Exchange Program and shared their insights on this short-term internship program. Seven faculties from four universities and four representatives of environmental emprises in Japan and China introduced their research fields, including impact of used disposable diapers on municipal solid waste incineration, integrating fecal pollution markers and fluorescence analysis for water, in-situ reduction of waste activated sludge by O3/H2O2 treatment and enhanced dewatering strategy, CFD-assisted pilot test of a new MBR reactor, etc.


International Education Session


Research Session


Research Session


On behalf of Professor Katsumi Takeshi, Professor Shinya Echigo concluded that the successful experience of the DD program between Kyoto University and Tsinghua University provides supports for cooperation with other graduate schools. He expressed the sincere gratitude to the young faculties and students participated in this DD program, and hoped such cooperation could continue to a long time.


Since 2008, Kyoto University-Tsinghua University Symposium on Research and Education of Environmental Engineering has been held in every December. Faculties, students and business representatives from China and Japan gathered and shared the current status of international education, the latest research progress and the new industrial technologies. This symposium strengthened mutual understanding between the two universities and provided strong support for continued cooperation in related work such as joint student training, research exchange expansion, and transformation of scientific research results.


Group photo of main members in Tsinghua University and Kyoto University

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