Endowed Chairs / Chair of Collaborative Research

Endowed Chairs

Disaster Risk Management Enginnering(JR West) Laboratory

Laboratory of non-ferrous extractive metallurgy

  • Period of installationApril.1.2017-March.31.2025

Advanced Electric Machinery Engineering for Sustaining Global Environment

  • Period of installationApril.1.2017-March.31.2027

Digital Design & Manufacturing Laboratory

  • Period of installationApril.1.2020-March.31.2025

Advanced Smart Sensing (Sony Semiconductor Solutions)

  • Period of installationApril.1.2022-March.31.2026

Fundamental Glass Science

  • Period of installationApril.1.2023-March.31.2028

Global Environmental System

  • Period of installation:June.1.2023-March.31.2028

Chair of Collaborative Research

Laboratory on Innovative Technologies for Infrastructures