Leave of Absence/Withdrawal

Leave of absence

In the event that studies need to be discontinued for a period of three months or more, due to illness or for other reasons, permission to take leave of absence can be obtained from the Head of the Faculty of Engineering.

  1. The period of leave is not counted towards academic attendance.
  2. The period of leave cannot exceed four years.
  3. In the case of taking leave of absence, tuition fees will be handled according to "Handling of tuition fees when taking leave of absence" in the "Tuition Fees" section.
  4. Students may be readmitted to studies during a leave of absence. Please re-register and pay tuition fees for the semester according to a monthly calculation.


Students may withdraw from the university after obtaining permission from the Head of the Faculty of Engineering.

  1. In the case of withdrawal after the deadline for tuition fee payment, the tuition fee for that semester must be paid in full. 
  2. Withdrawing students must return their student ID cards.


Applications for leave of absence and withdrawal cannot be accepted retroactively. Please make sure to complete all designated procedures, at least three week before taking leave or withdrawing, through the Student Affairs Division of the Faculty of Engineering (1st floor, Engineering Science Depts Bldg). Note that delayed applications may result in not receiving permission for desired dates and inconveniences regarding payment of tuition fees. Please make sure to apply early.