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Greeting from the Dean of the Graduate School

Prof. Shinzaburo ItoThe Graduate School of Engineering at Kyoto University has carried out a wide variety of research ranging from fundamental research in the natural sciences such as mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology, to applied research based on the knowledge of natural principles unlocked through fundamental research. At the same time, by assimilating elements from the humanities and social sciences, we are aiming at developing new science and technologies to make not only more affluent but also more earth-friendly and sustainable human society.

One of the traditional features of our Graduate School is that we place great importance on fundamental research by not bordering engineering and science. Unlike a general engineering approach, which simply pursues the practical goal without considering the scientific principles behind it, researchers at our school approach their research from a fundamental point of view that seeks to clarify "why does that phenomenon occur?", no matter what the final objective is. This style actually allows them to uncover clues as to the solutions. We are proud of this research style which has led to numerous original achievements and this research environment which has produced a large number of talented researchers and engineers including Nobel Prize laureates.

This graduate school currently consists of 17 departments and 8 centers. Each department has been recognized internationally as top research institutes in their respective fields. Through this academic research, a sophisticated and attractive graduate school education is provided which nourishes students' unique ability for research and technological development. A general outline of the research focus, educational philosophy, and the divisions and research fields of each department is given by the links to the individual department's websites on this page.

In order to keep providing topnotch research education in varied engineering fields, it is sometimes necessary to dismantle and rebuild existing research fields and create new fields to meet requirements of both domestic and international societies. With respect to this, we have been making an effort to design an effective educational system and environment in graduate school. As a part of this reconstruction, the Katsura Campus was established in 2003 as a stage for educational research and the departments have been relocating to the new campus.

It is hoped that this homepage provides more detail with regard to our school's contributions to global academia and to the contributions that the fruits of our academic research have brought to society. We are looking forward to meeting many talented young men and women from both Japan and foreign countries, cultivating their creativity, and making them into leading researchers and engineers in the world.