Admission Policy

Philosophy and Objectives

The pursuit of the truth is the essence of learning.  Engineering is an academic field that impacts the lives of people, and is greatly responsible for the sustainability of social development and the formation of culture. The Graduate School of Engineering at Kyoto University, based on the above premise, is committed to the development of science and technology with an emphasis on the fundamentals and in harmony with the natural environment. At the same time, we aim to assist students in their pursuit of a rich education with specialized knowledge, as well as the ability for its creative application, while nurturing high ethical standards.

Student Profile

The Graduate School of Engineering welcomes the following students:

○ Individuals who agrees the philosophy and objectives of the Graduate School of Engineering and those who achieve these things actively.

○ Individuals who have the basic education to pursue the truth and also have the judgment with logical thinking and beyond established concepts in specialized fields and related fields .

○ Individuals who have a strong desire and initiative to pioneer new fields of science technology while integrating knowledge and keeping on solving, regarding the science technology and the social issues.

○ Individuals with basic communication ability who understands other opinions and also express own opinions and assertions in an easy to understand.

Entrance examination will be performed individual academic exam, evaluate and select the applicants including English ability, with emphasis on the basic knowledge of specialized field and those who have logical thinking abilities.In addition to the above mentioned points of view, selection of doctoral course will select applicants with advance on research and explanation ability logically.