The Unit for Enhancement of Engineering Higher Education in Myanmar

Myanmar is expected to grow and develop in the future. However, this country is facing urgent national challenges such as faculty shortage, development of educational system and nurturing of human resources for research and education. Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), launched a project called “Project of Enhancement of Engineering Higher Education in Myanmar” in October 2013, with the aim at offering support and assistance to solve these challenges. Under this project, seven Japanese universities including Kyoto University offer educational support to Yangon Technological University (YTU) and Mandalay Technological University (MTU) in Myanmar for six engineering disciplines: Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, IT, Mechatronics Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

Kyoto University launched “The Unit for Enhancement of Engineering Higher Education in Myanmar” in October 2013 to offer educational support for civil engineering and environmental engineering.

Activities Outlines

  1. Offering support to faculty member for gaining doctorate degree
  2. Implementing join research
  3. Offering support to introduce equipment for research and education
  4. Enhancement of educational framework

For activity 1, Kyoto University helps young faculty members in YTU and MTU to enroll in the Doctoral Program at KU and obtain doctorate degree under KU’s academic supervisor.
For activity 2 and 3, KU introduces Japanese laboratory-oriented educational system to YTU and MTU, and cultivates human resources through join research and introduces research equipment and facility in Myanmar.
For activity 4, various joint efforts are made for the enhancement of educational framework in YTU and MTU.

Furthermore, KU’s faculty offers support to YTU and MTU through intensive lectures and training for young faculty members.

These activities will also lead to FD* at Kyoto University.
Educational assistance requires long-term effort rather than have time limit. Our ultimate goal is to spread positive aspects of Japanese style research and education, and further develop educational and research system in Myanmar.

*FD Faculty Develpment