Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Education and Research to support energy and informatics in 21st Century in respect to hardware and software

The history of the Electric and Electronic Engineering group (abbreviated as EE group) dates more than 100 years back to 1898 when the Department of Electrical Engineering was founded. By reorganizing the Department of Electrical Engineering, the Department of Electronics, which was founded in 1954 as the first in Japan to be dedicated to electronics, and the Department of Electrical Engineering II founded in 1961, the Undergraduate School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering was founded in 1995 in the Faculty of Engineering. The lectures are given by the staff of the two departments, Department of Electrical Engineering and Department of Electronic Science and Engineering of the Graduate School of Engineering as well as by the staff of the Graduate School of Energy Science and the Graduate School of Informatics who belong to EE-related sub-departments. In the EE group, education and research is carried out with wide scope of electric and electronic engineering and the group will produce leading-edge research results in the field.

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