Program Subjects

Subject Categories

The subjects offered in the Master’s Program and the Integrated Master’s-Doctoral Program are classified as core subjects, major subjects, minor subjects, training subjects, on-the-research training (ORT) , joint research internships, and other subjects.To satisfy the completion requirements for a program, it is necessary to earn the specified number of credits in each course category. For details, please refer to the completion requirements specified for each educational program.The table below provides descriptions of the subject categories.

Subject Category Description
Core subjects These are foundational subjects that form the core of the curriculum. As a rule, core subjects are required to complete any program.
Major subjects These are specialized foundational subjects and applied subjects in the student’s major field of study. Major subjects are elective subjects; however, depending on the characteristics of the student’s major field of study, major subjects may be designated core (and therefore required to complete the program) or advanced subjects.
Minor subjects These are subjects that form related minor fields in addition to the major field curriculum made up of core subjects and major subjects. Minor subjects are generally selected from among subjects offered by divisions or departments outside the student’s major field of study. Depending on the characteristics of the student’s major field of study, certain subjects other than core subjects and advanced subjects may be designated as minor subjects.
On-the-research (ORT) training In addition to training and experimental subjects, on-the-research training (ORT) subjects are conducted through research at divisions and departments of Graduate School of Engineering, the Katsura Int’tech Center advanced research institutes, or collaborating research institutes in Japan and abroad. Although the ORT subjects Research Thesis (Master’s) and Research Thesis (Doctoral) are required for completion of the Master’s Program and Doctoral Program, respectively, academic credit is not awarded.
Joint research internship Joint research internships are conducted at cooperating companies, government institutions, and international institutions in collaboration with the Graduate School of Engineering. Academic credit is recognized after evaluation in accordance with the internship period.
Other subjects Other subjects are subjects considered especially valuable and approved by the academic advisor, including subjects taken at other graduate schools or other universities and international training courses. To apply credits earned from these subjects to satisfy program completion requirements, students must comply with the regulations of the Master’s Program division and department or Integrated Master’s-Doctoral Program Interdisciplinary Engineering Course major fields and Advanced Engineering Course divisions and departments to which they belong.

Some subjects are designated subjects in multiple categories. Students who enroll in such subjects must decide to take them as subjects in a single category.

Curriculum Design

Enrolled students must design their own curricula (tailor-made curriculum) with the consent of their academic advisors and register their curricula.

Students can enroll in subjects allocated to the Master’s Program and the Doctoral Program as well as in common subjects offered by the Graduate School of Engineering. However, students may not be able to take certain subjects offered by courses to which they do not belong. In addition, academic credits earned for certain subjects may not be recognized as credits toward program completion. Also, students may be unable to take certain subjects due to factors such as overlap in class times between departments and courses or the time required for movement between campuses. For details, please confirm with your department.

Students may enroll in subjects offered by other graduate schools or faculties; however, please confirm with your department whether or not academic credits earned will be recognized as credits toward program completion.

Although there are classes allocated to the Doctoral Program that can be taken in the Master’s Program and classes allocated to the Master’s Program that can be taken in the Doctoral Program, credits earned are applicable toward one program only.


At the specified time at the beginning of the school year or semester, students must register the subjects they wish to take in the Graduate School of Engineering with the offices of the departments to which they belong. Credits are not awarded for unregistered classes.