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Issuing of Certificates (Students)

Various certificates

  1. Certificate of School Attendance
  2. Certificated of (Expected) Completion
  3. Certificate of Academic Record
  4. Certificate of Withdrawal
  5. Student Travel Discount
  6. Other

Application procedures

  • A Certificate of School Attendance, Certificate of (Expected) Completion, Certificate of Academic Record, Certificate of Withdrawal, and Student Travel Discount can be issued directly by students using one of the automatic certificate issuing machines located in places including the 3rd floor hall in A2 Bldg., A Cluster, Katsura Campus, the entrance hall of the Administrative Bldg., C Cluster, Katsura Campus, and the 1st floor of Faculty of Engineering Bldg. 8 at the Kyoto University main campus. (Automatic certificate issuing machines)
  • As a rule, these certificates are issued within a period of two days (except for certificates in English).
  • Applications for the issue of certificates by graduates can be made by postal mail.

Please be informed that we will not implement Certificate issuance- related tasks  during the summer shut-down in  August 15 - 19, 2016. Applications to the Japanese Certificate and English Cerficate should be submitted directly to Graduate Student Section before summer shut-down periods as the following dates.
Persons requesting the Japanese Certificate should submit by August 5, 2016.
Persons requesting the English Certificate should submit by July 29, 2016.

Graduate Student Section will resume normal operations on Monday , August 22.


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