Tuition Fees

  1. Period and methods for payment of tuition fees
    By end of April for first-semester tuition fee. By end of October for second-semester tuition fee. Around the middle of each payment month (April or October), the Accounting Center will send students a request for remittance of tuition fee (invoice). Upon receiving this invoice, please transfer the fee payment to the designated university account.
  2. Handling of tuition fee exemptions and payment postponement
    Students who face difficulty in paying tuition fees may be granted fee exemptions or postponement of payments. If you wish to apply for a fee exemption or postponement please refer to the following website.
  3. Handling of tuition fees when taking leave of absence
    For students taking a leave of absence for a complete semester (from the start to the end of the first or second semester) payment of the tuition fee for that semester is fully exempted. When taking leave during a semester (after the deadline for tuition fee payment) the tuition fee for that semester must be paid in full.
  4. Handling of students who fail to pay tuition fees
    Students who fail to pay tuition fees for four consecutive semesters (two years) will be expelled from the university, according to the rules of the university.

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