Course Title : Modelling of Geology

Code 10F069
Course Year Master and Doctor Course
Term 2nd term
Class day & Period Mon 2nd
Location C1-173
Credits 2
Restriction should have unit(s) of an introductory lecture on earth science (i.e. Introduction to Earth Science) and/or earth resources engineering
Lecture Form(s) Leture, excercises, field excursions
Language Japanese or English (change every year)
Instructor Yasuhiro YAMADA

Course Description

This lecture is on modelling of a geology phenomenon which becomes indispensable when carrying out underground-resources development. First of all, the lecture tells that geologic phenomena are complicated as a fundamental posture and mathematical analysis is possible only a part of them. Then, a various analysis techniques and the analysis example are explained with the basic theory for simplifying the natural phenomena to construct geologic models. Then, field excursions are carried out to see relation between topography and local geology. During the excursions, students learn the conditions and assumptions which are needed to model complicated phenomena in which two or more factors involve. The phenomenon in which modelling is possible is limited to a few part.


Based on the reports on the lectures and field excursions.

Course Goals

Students understand the scope of this lecture, the complexity of natural phenomena and our limited knowledge on them, and can explain the contents to others.

Course Topics

Theme Class number of times Description
Introduction 1 Theme, lecture / excursion schedule, evaluation etc
modelling theory 2 basic theory on geologic modelling
methods and examples 6 methods of geologic modelling and examples are explained with exercises.
excursion 1 4 excursion to NE Kyoto basin to see the relation between topography and geology, in term of an active fault
excursion 2 2 excursion to SW Kyoto basin to see the relation between topography and geology, in term of a relatively inactive fault


no textbook. appropriate articles will be provided.


appropriate books will be informed, this may include ones on geologic modelling.


basic knowledge on earth science, including skills to read geologic and geography maps, required.

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Additional Information

this lecture includes field excursions. the dates will be determined during the first class, thus all applicants have to attend this class.