Course Title : Design of Control Systems

Code 10C631
Course Year Master Course
Term 2nd term
Class day & Period Tue 2nd
Credits 2
Restriction No Restriction
Lecture Form(s) Lecture
Language Japanese or English
Instructor T. Hagiwara, Y. Ebihara

Course Description

The course is based on State Space Theory of Dynamical Systems, and provides the applications of the concepts given therein to systematic control system design. The course covers such topics as state feedback and pole assignment, observers, synthesis of feedback control systems, servo conditions and feedforward, and optimal control under quadratic performance indices.


In principle, the grading will be based on the absolute and comprehensive evaluation of the reports on the subjects given in the class. Should this change due to inadequate efforts on the submitted reports, an exam might be also imposed, in which case the details will be announced at the class at least two weeks before the exam term.

Course Goals

To understand the basic ideas of control system design based on state space representations, and acquire fundamental knowledge and skills on practical control system design through simulated experiences with the report subjects.

Course Topics

Theme Class number of times Description
pole assignment by state feedback 4?5 state feedback, controllable canonical forms and pole assignment of scalar/multivariable systems, computation of the state feedback gains for pole assignment, transient responses, uncontrollable poles and stabilizability
observers 3?4 observable canonical forms and observability conditions, full-order observer, minimal-order observer, conditions for observers and observer-based feedback
synthesis of feedback systems 2?3 feedback systems with integral compensation, servo systems, internal model principle, synthesis of servo systems
optimal control under quadratic performance index 3?4 optimal regulators and their closed-loop poles, Riccati equations and their solutions, relationship with the pole assignment problem; Checking degrees of understanding of all the lecture topics closes the class.


Handouts will be given at the class.



The contents given in State Space Theory of Dynamical Systems, and linear algebra.

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