Course Title : Quantum Measurement

Code 10C830
Course Year Master Course
Term 2nd term
Class day & Period Mon 4th
Location A1-131
Credits 2
Restriction No Restriction
Lecture Form(s) Lecture
Language Japanese, but there is a possibility of some lectures in English.
Instructor Kazuhiko Sugiyama

Course Description

As an example of high precision measurements using quantum phenomena, frequency standards, which is realized with the smallest uncertainty in all measurement quantities at present, are discussed. The principle and evaluation of frequency standards are explained.


Report(two times, at the first lecture and the after all lectures)

Course Goals

The goal of this lecture is to understand that precision measurements are realized with combination of the best technologies and is based on physics.

Course Topics

Theme Class number of times Description
Introduction and principle of time measurement 1 Two principles of time measurement: Reproducibility postulate and dynamic model
Fundamentals of atomic frequency standards 2.5 Atomic states, its energy shifts, high-resolution spectroscopy and high-sensitive detection
Cesium frequency standard and atom interferometer 2.5 Principle of Ramsey resonance and its interpretation as atom interferometer
Specification of frequency standards: evaluation methods and theoritical limit 2 Fundamentals of evaluation of frequency stability with Allan variance, and theoretical limit of frequency stability
Noise 2 Incoherent signals and shot noise
Relativistic theory and time 3 Impact of special and general relativistic theory on time measurement
Others 1 If we have time, the frequency noises of masers and lasers, and other subjects will be lectured.
Evaluation of understanding 1



C. Audoin and B. Guinot,The Measurement of Time, (Cambridge University Press, 2001). M. Kitano, Fundamentals of electronic circuits (Reimei publishing, 2009) in Japanese.


Fundamentals of physics (quantum physics, in particular) and electric circuits including linear system.
The level which average graduate students of electric and electronic science and technology acquire is sufficient.

Independent Study Outside of Class

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Additional Information

Office of instructor: A1-124