Course Title : Bridge Engineering

Code 10F010
Course Year Master and Doctor Course
Term 2nd term
Class day & Period Mon 3rd
Location C1-172
Credits 2
Restriction No Restriction
Lecture Form(s) Lecture
Language English
Instructor Kunitomo Sugiura, Tomomi Yagi, Masahide Matsumura

Course Description

The subject matter of bridge engineering can be divided into two main parts, which are steel structure and wind loading/wind resistant structure. The aim of this course is to provide details of mechanical behaviors, maintenance and design of bridge structures. The former part of this course contains the static instability of steel structures and the problems of corrosion、fatigue、brittleness、weldability on steel bridges. In the latter part, the basics of wind engineering, bridge aerodynamics and wind-resistant design including current problems to be solved are provided are provided.


Assessment will be based on exam, reports and participation.

Course Goals

Also, the basic knowledge for wind engineering and aerodynamic instabilities, which are necessary for the wind resistant design of bridges, will be acquired.

Course Topics

Theme Class number of times Description
Introduction 1 - Fundamental knowledge on steel structures
- Types of steel structures
- Future trend of steel structures
Material behavior, Initial imperfections and Damages 1 - Construction of steel structures
- Residual stresses and initial deformations
- Damages
Stress-strain relationship, Joints 1 - Yield surfaces
- Bauschinger effect
- Hardening effect
- Welded joint
- Bolted joint
Fatigue fracture, fatigue life and fatigue design 1 - S-N design curve
- Fatigue crack growth, stress intensity factor
- Miner's rule on damage accumulation
- Repair of fatigue damage
Structural stability and design for buckling 1 - Structural instability and accident
- Theory of Stability
- Compressive members, etc.
Corrosion and anti-corrosion of steel structures 1 - Mechanism of corrosion
- Micro- and Macro- cells
- Anti-corrsion
- Life-cycle costs
Wind resistant design of structures 3 - Natural winds due to Typhoon, Tornado and so on
- Evaluation and estimation of strong winds
- Wind resistant design methods
- Various kinds of design codes
Aerodynamic instabilities of structures 3 - Introduction of aerodynamic instabilities (ex. vortex-induced vibration, galloping, flutter, buffeting, cable vibrations)
- Mechanisms of aerodynamic instabilities
- Evaluation methods and Countermeasures
Wind-induced disaster 1 - Accidents on structures due to strong winds
- Disaster prevention
Topics 1 Introduction of current topics on bridge engineering by a visiting lecturer
Confirmation of the attainment level of learning 1 Confirm the attainment level of learning




Basic knowledge for construction materials, structural mechanics and fluid mechanics are required.

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