Course Title : New Environmental Engineering I, Advanced

Code 10F456
Course Year Master and Doctor Course
Term 1st term
Class day & Period Mon 5th
Location Reserch Bldg.No.5-Lecture Room(2nd floor)/C1-171
Credits 2
Restriction No Restriction
Lecture Form(s) Relay Lecture
Language English
Instructor Y. Shimizu (Prof), H. Tanaka (Prof), and S. Fujii (Prof),

Course Description

This course provides various kinds of engineering issues related to the water environment in English, which cover fundamental knowledge, the latest technologies and regional application examples. These lectures, English presentations by students, and discussions enhance English capability and internationality of students.
The course is conducted in simultaneous distance-learning from Kyoto University, or from remote lecture stations in University of Malaya, and Tsinghua University of China. For the distance-learning, a hybrid system is used, which consists of prerecorded lecture VIDEO, VCS (Video conference system) and SS (slide sharing system).


Evaluated by class attendance, Q&A and presentation.

Course Goals

Each student is requested to give a short presentation in English in the end of the course. The students will understand the present circumstance of environments in the world, and the students may improve their English skill and international senses through these lectures, presentations, and discussions.

Course Topics

Theme Class number of times Description
Wastewater Treatment in Japan 1.4 Guidance & Self Introduction of Students & Lecturer on “Wastewater Treatment Plants Case Study in Japan (Fujii)
Ecological Sanitation 1.4 From Ecotoilets to Ecotowns(Shimizu)
Wastewater Treatment in China and Nutrient Removal 1.4 Wastewater Treatment Plant: Case Study in China, Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR) (Prof. Wen, Tsinghua University)
Wastewater Reuse & Disinfection 1.3 Wastewater Reuse & Disinfection (Tanaka)
Wastewater Treatment in Malaysia 1.4 Governance of Water and Wastewater in Malaysia (Prof. Ghufran, University of Malaya) Case studies of Wastewater Treatment Plants Design & Operation (Prof. Nuruol, University of Malaya)
Membrane Technology 1.3 Treatment Technologies (Practical & Advanced Technology I): Membrane Technology (MT) (Prof. Huang, Tsinghua University)
Anaerobic Treatment 1.3 Anaerobic Biological Treatment Technologies (Prof. Shaliza, University of Malaya)
Advanced Oxidation Processes 1.3 Advanced Oxidation Processes (Prof. Zhang, Tsinghua University)
Student Presentation 1.4 Student Presentations /Discussions I (all)
Student Presentation 1.4 Student Presentations /Discussions II (all)
Student Presentation 1.4 Student Presentations /Discussions III (all)


Class handouts


Introduced in the classes


General understanding of water environmental issues

Independent Study Outside of Class

The students should study the PPT file used in the lectures. Students also need to enough literature review and related prior to their presentation.

Web Sites

Additional Information

PowerPoint slides are main teaching materials in the lectures, and their hard copies are distributed to the students. In addition, a list of technical terms and difficult English words is given to the students with their explanation and Japanese translation.