Course Title : Basin Environmental Disaster Mitigation

Code 10F466
Course Year Master and Doctor Course
Term 1st term
Class day & Period Mon 3rd
Credits 2
Restriction No Restriction
Lecture Form(s) Lecture
Language Japanese
Instructor Masaharu FUJITA(DPRI), Tetsuya HIRAISHI(DPRI), Yasuhiro TAKEMON(DPRI), Yasuyuki BABA(DPRI),

Course Description

In a concept of the environmental disaster prevention, an idea that the disaster prevention could provide continuously the environmental benefits is contained as well as an idea of preventing the environmental deterioration. In this lecture, an environment system formation function of a debris flow, a flood, an ocean wave is explained. Also their values as natural reseouces are discussed. The influence of structural countermeasures on the environemt conservation is evaluated from this point of view. A new idea of disaster prevention is introduced considering the function of the natural impacts and the value of the natural phenomena as resources is discussed. Also a new method for baisn management is introduced.


Presentation, Discussion and Report

Course Goals

The course goal is to understand a concept of the basin management balanced between disaster prevention and environment conservation based on the sediment transport hydraulics and the ecology.

Course Topics

Theme Class number of times Description
Introduction of the environmental disaster prevention 3 First of all, a concept of the environmental disaster prevention is introduced. The utilization of flood plains as agricultural land and the history of rivers with bed above ground and so on are introduced, and the relation between the human being and rivers is explained. A method to balance the sustained resources use with disaster prevention is discussed.
Basin sacle ecosystem function 3 A role of the disturbance in maintaining of the structure and function of the basin scale ecosystem is explained. For example, a role of the natural phenomenon such as a debris flow, a flood inundation is explained.
Coastal disasters and environment The actual situation of the coastal erosion in our country and the causes are explained. Then, the problems on disaster prevention, environment conservation and utilization in coastal areas are introduced. Technology development to solve these problems is introduced. Also, the relation between environment in river mouth and river basin is discussed.
Sediment disasters and environment 2 Sediment hazards give a big impact to river environment as well as the human beings. As one of the sediment hazards landslides are taken up and the occurrence mechanism is explained.
Sediment management with consideration of environment conservation 2 The basin scale sediment management is carried out for the purpose of safety, appropriate utilization and environmental conservation. Actual sediment management and the realted researches are introduced. A concept, new ideas and new technology are discussed.
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Hydraulics, River Engineering, Coastal Engineering, Sediment Transport Hydraulics, Ecology

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This lecture is open every 2 years and open in 2018.