Course Title : Microsystem Engineering

Code 10G205
Course Year Master Course
Term 2nd term
Class day & Period Fri 4th
Credits 2
Lecture Form(s) Lecture
Language English
Instructor O. Tabata,T. Tsuchiya,R. Yokokawa

Course Description

Microsystem covers not only technologies related to individual physical or chemical phenomenon in micro scale, but also complex phenomena which are eveolved from their interaction. In this course, the physics and chemistry in micro and nanoscale will be lectured in contrast to those in macro scale. The various kinds of application devices (ex. physical (pressure, flow, force) sensors, chemical sensors, biosensors, actuators (piezoelectric, electrostatic, and shape memory) and their system are discussed.


The evaluation will be based on the reports given in each lecture.

Course Goals

Understand the theory of sensing and actuating in microsystem. Acquire basic knowledge to handle various kinds of phenomena in microscale.

Course Topics

Theme Class number of times Description
MEMS modeling 2 Multi-physics modeling in microscale.
Electro-mechanical coupling analysis.
MEMS simulation 2 System level simulation in MEMS.
Electrostatic microsystem 3 Electrostatic sensors and actuators. Theory and application devices.
Physical sensors 4 Physical sensors as a fundamental application in microsystem. Accelerometer, vibrating gyroscope, pressure sensors.
Micro total analysys system 4 Chemical analysis system and bio-sensing device using microsytem.


Provided in the lecture.


Provided in the lecture.


Students are required to take the 10G203 course Micro Process and Material Engineering.

Independent Study Outside of Class

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Additional Information

The student can register only to this class 10G205, but it is required to be able to take consecutive classes at Friday 4th and 5th. Those students who want to take this course has to contact Prof. Tabata ( by the end of 1st term. The student of this class is strongly recommended to take a course 10V201 Introduction to the Design and Implementation of Micro-Systems(10V201), which is a practice for designing microsystem. Those who want to take 10V201 have to take training course for CAD in advance.