Course Title : Separation Process Engineeering, Adv.

Code 10H005
Course Year Master and Doctor Course
Term Spring term
Class day & Period Mon 2nd
Location A2-305
Credits 1.5
Restriction No Restriction
Lecture Form(s) Lecture
Language Japanese
Instructor N.Sano,

Course Description

The separation related with transport phenomena of heat and mass and particles will be lectured. Adsorption, drying, distillation will be explained. In addition, new separation methods will be explained.


Reports submitted from students and exams will be evaluated.

Course Goals

This course will deepen the students' understanding on multiphase transport phenomena by lecturing separation operations, and the students will know how to develop effective separation methods. Also they will know recent developments of separation techniques in chemical engineering.

Course Topics

Theme Class number of times Description
Separation using electric field 2 Purification of gas and water using electric discharges and particle separation using dielectrophoresis are explained.
Distillation 3 Distillation is used commonly in chemical industries. Here, advanced knowledge on distillation about multi-component distillation, equipment design using enthalpy-component diagram, extraction distillation, etc. will be explained.
Adsorption 3 Analysis using adsorption is used for structural analysis of porous materials, and it is important to evaluate adsorbents. Here, basic knowledge about these analysis will be explained. When one wants to select appropriate adsorbents, features and properties of typical adsorbents should be known. These points will be lectured. Also, some methods to synthesize adsorbents from waste materials are explained.
Drying mechanism and preservation of product quality 2 Drying is a typical operation utilizing phase transformation and simultaneous transport of heat and mass. A variety of drying units are explained, and the points to designing these units will be lectured. Many examples of troubles seen in drying operations will be explained.
Other separation operations 1 Other separation operations, for example liquid-liquid extraction, membrane separation, etc. will be lectured.


Gendai Kagaku Kogaku Hashimoto and Ogino, Sangyo Tosho; Kanso Gijustu Jitsumu Nyumon Tamon, Nikkan Kogyo Shinbun



Basic knowledge about transport phenomena and separation engineering should be required.

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