Course Title : Chemical Reaction Engineering, Adv.(English lecture)

Code 10H009
Course Year Master and Doctor Course
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Language English
Instructor Prof. Motoaki Kawase, Department of Chemical Engineering; Assoc. Prof. Hiroyuki Nakagawa, Department of Chemical Engineering; Junior Assoc. Prof. Ryuichi Ashida, Department of Chemical Engineering

Course Description

This lecture is given in English. The following contents are covered: - Kinetic analysis of gas-solid-catalyst reaction, gas-solid reaction, and CVD reaction, - Operation and design of reactors for gas-solid-catalyst and gas-solid reactions, and - Industrial reactors including fixed bed, fluidized bed, moving bed, simulated moving bed, and stirred tank types.


Based on the result of examination at the end of term and the results of quizzes and reports imposed every week.

Course Goals

To understand kinetic analysis of chemical reactions utilized in the industry and procedure to design and operate industrial reactors.

Course Topics

Theme Class number of times Description
Gas-solid-catalyst reaction (1) Fundamentals 1 Commercial catalysts and industrial gas-solid-catalyst reactions are overviewed. Chemical reaction engineering fundamentals of the gas-solid-catalyst reaction is explained.
Gas-solid-catalyst reaction (2) Generalized effectiveness factor and selectivity in complex reactions 1 The generalized effectiveness factor and the selectivity affected by mass transfer are explained.
Gas-solid-catalyst reaction (3) Deactivation and regeneration of catalyst 2 Deactivation mechanisms of solid catalysts are overviewed. The deactivation and consequent change in selectivity are explained in terms of the decay function and specific activity.
Gas-solid-catalyst reaction (4) Design and operation of industrial catalytic reactors 1 Industrial catalytic reactors including fixed-bed and fluidized-bed reactors are overviewed. Design and operation of these reactors including thermal stability are explained.
Liquid-solid-catalyst reaction -- Simulated moving bed reactor 1 Concept and applications of simulated moving bed reactor are explained. Model-based analysis of simulated moving bed reactor is explained.
CVD reaction 2 Fundamentals of CVD reactions are explained from chemical reaction engineering view point. Kinetic analysis of CVD is described. Reaction models including elementary reaction model and overall reaction model are derived and applied to some examples.
Gas-solid reaction (1) Kinetic analysis 2 Kinetic measurement and analysis of complicated gas-solid reactions, particularly coal pyrolysis, are explained with the first-order reaction model to the distributed activation energy model (DAEM).
Gas-solid reaction (2) Kinetic analysis of gas-solid reaction 1 Concepts and derivation of the reaction models including the grain model and the random-pore model are explained. Application of the models to coal gasification is overviewed.


Prints are hand out at the class.



Needs knowledge of chemical reaction engineering including heterogeneous reactions.

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