Course Title : Environmental System Engineerig

Code 10H023
Course Year Master and Doctor Course
Class day & Period Tue 2nd
Location A2-305
Restriction No Restriction
Lecture Form(s) Lecture
Language Japanese
Instructor Chemical Engineering, Professor, Kazuhiro Mae
Chemical Engineering, Associate professor, Taisuke Maki

Course Description

First, we overview the concept of environmentally benign chemical processing based on the causal relation between energy and environmental issues. Then, we discuss various new technologies for energy production and environmentally harmonized processes from the viewpoint of chemical engineering.


Coursework will be graded based on the reports.

Course Goals

To learn methodology for system-up of environmentally benign process based on energy and exergy. To consider perspective of biomass and hydrogen utilization. To understand several environmental evaluation methods.

Course Topics

Theme Class number of times Description
Concept of environmentally benign system based on exergy 4 Basic of exergy and calculation of exergy for various conversion process
Biomass conversion 3 Introduction of various conversion processes for baiomass and wastes from the view point of kinetics
Environmental evaluation method (1) 2 Introduction of various environmental evaluation methods Calculation of LCA analysis
Environmental evaluation method (2) 2 Calculation of E-factor and environmental efficiency for sevaral chemical processes
Confirmation of study achievement 1 Feedback of evaluation results for reports and exercises.


The textbook is not required. Materials will be supplied by instructors.


Pysical chemistry, Themodynamics


Basic knowledge for chemical engieering themodynamics is required.

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