Course Title : Material Transformation Chemistry

Code 10H222
Course Year Master and Doctor Course
Class day & Period Wed 2nd
Location A2-303
Restriction No Restriction
Lecture Form(s) Lecture
Language Japanese
Instructor Prof. M.Nakamura, Assoc. Prof. H. Takuya, (Assistant Profs. K. Isozaki and T. Iwamoto),

Course Description

This course explains the basic chemistry of functional organometallics, aiming to help students understand the syntheses/structures/reactivities/functions of these compounds with a focus on applications in molecular transformation and organic synthesis.


examinations (quizes in classes and final achievement test)

Course Goals

To gain molecular-level insight into the reactivity and photo- and electro-functions of organometallic compounds based on elements science and to be able to apply it to the students' daily research, hopefully.

Course Topics

Theme Class number of times Description
course guidance and introduction 1 4/11 course guidance/introduction/assessment test
syntheses, properties, and applications of functional metal nano particles 6 4/18-5/30 main group organometallics in molecular transformations
syntheses, properties, and applications of organo main group metal compounds 4 6/6-6/27 transition metal organometallic in photo- and electro-functional materials




knowledge of undergraduate organic chemistry

Independent Study Outside of Class

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Additional Information

This course is provided at Uji campus in the odd-number academic years and at Katsura campus in the even-number academic years.