Course Title : Catalysis Science at Molecular Level

Code 10H416
Course Year Master and Doctor Course
Class day & Period Fri 2nd
Location A2-304
Credits 1.5
Lecture Form(s) Lecture
Language Japanese
Instructor Tsunehiro Tanaka, Kentaro Teramura

Course Description

Fourier Transform for XAFS Analysis ; Introduction to Catalytic Science



Course Goals

Learning and acquiring fundamentals of cataltyic chemistry and XAFS

Course Topics

Theme Class number of times Description
Four transform in solid state mechanics 1 X-ray scattering, Reciprocal lattice vector, Quantum well, Fourier Transform, Delta function
Application of Fourier transform and Crystallography 2 Fick's solid diffusion, Green function, Lattice Fourier expansion, Crystal lattice, Reciprocal lattice, Classification of crystals, diffraction by crystallite, Laue factor, Laue & Bragg condition
Hydrogen-like in two dimension 1 self learning
EXAFS Analysis 1 EXAFS analysis
Application of EXAFS 1 Examples and Recent topics
Introduction to catalytic science 3 Phenomena and basic concepts in catalysis
Catalysis and photocatalysis 2 Examples of catalysis and photocatalysis
confirmation of achievement 1 Report


No text book.



Knowledge of physical chemistry like quantum chemistry, thermodynamics and spectroscopy is preferred.

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