Course Title : Molecular Porous Physical Chemistry

Code 10H430
Course Year Master and Doctor Course
Term Fall
Class day & Period
Credits 1.5
Restriction No Restriction
Lecture Form(s) Lecture
Language English
Instructor Easan Sivaniah

Course Description

This course will discuss the physical chemistry and engineering application of porous materials in the areas of adsorption and membrane separation processes.


The course grade will be determined based on in class tests and a final report.

Course Goals

The intention of this course is to allow students to become familiar with a range of porous materials, and the practical ways such materials are used. Although the course is not intended to be exhaustive in covering all porous materials and all applications, examples will be followed that are relevant to socially important problems, such as global warming, or water shortage.

Course Topics

Theme Class number of times Description
Overview 1 Introduction to course, and broad overview of porous materials
Thermodynamics of Mixing 2 Phase equilibria and structure formation processes
Adsorptive processes 2 Physical chemistry of adsorptive processes in porous materials
Diffusive processes 2 Physical chemistry of diffusion limited processes in porous materials
Case Study: Membrane Processes for liquid separation 2 Liquid filtration systems for nanofiltration, desalination
Case Study: Membrane Processes for gas separation 2 Membrane separation processes for carbon dioxide capture



Suggested text book lists will be provided during the course


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