Course Title : Radiation Measurement for Medicine

Code 10W620
Course Year Master and Doctor Course
Term 2nd term
Class day & Period Fri 2nd
Location C3-Lecture Room 5
Credits 2
Restriction No Restriction
Lecture Form(s) Lecture
Language Japanese
Instructor Hidetsugu Tsuchida,Yoshinori Sakurai,

Course Description


Course Goals

Course Topics

Theme Class number of times Description
Fundamentals for Physical Effects of Radiation Interactions 2
Fundamentals for Chemical Effects of Radiation Interactions 1
Fundamental Quantities and Units for Radiation 2
Radiation Measurements in Medical Physics 3
Radiation Dosimetry 2
Estimation for Dose Distribution 2
Techniques for Radiation Control and Measurement in Medical Radiation Field 1
Laws and Ordinances for Radiation Therapy 1
Check of Study Achievement 1




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