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Course Title : Project Management in Engineering

Code 10i049
Course Year Master and Doctor Course
Term 1st term
Class day & Period Fri 4th
Location A2-308
Credits 2
Restriction No Restriction
Lecture Form(s) Lecture
Language English
Instructor GL center: J. Assoc. Prof. Matsumoto, Ashida, Maeda, Yorozu
Assoc.Prof. Lintuluoto, J. Assoc. Prof. Tanaka

Course Description

This course provides a basic knowledge required for the project management in various engineering fields such as process design, plant design, construction, and R&D projects. Also, visiting lecturers from industry and public works provide management insights of actual engineering projects.


Evaluated by assignments (project report exercise) and class contribution

Course Goals

This course will help students gain a fundamental knowledge of what project management in engineering is. Throughout the course, students will learn various tools applied in project management. Students will also understand the importance of costs and money, risks, leadership, and environmental assessment in managing engineering projects. This course is followed with the course Seminar on Project Management in Engineering. in the second semester.

Course Topics

Theme Class number of times Description
Guidance 1 4/13 (Matsumoto)
Course guidance
Special lecture by extramural instructor 1 1 4/20 (Inaoka(JICA)@A2-306)
Project management in the case of Japanese ODA
Introduction to project management 1 4/27 (Maeda)
Introduction to project management
Project phases
Tools for project management I 1 5/11 (Lintuluoto)
Tools for project management, cost, and cash flows I
Tools for project management II 1 5/18 (Lintuluoto)
Tools for project management, cost, and cash flows II
Tools for project management III 1 5/25 (Lintuluoto)
Tools for project management, cost, and cash flows III
Project scheduling I 1 6/1 (Ashida)
Project scheduling I
Project scheduling II 1 6/8 (Ashida)
Project scheduling II
Leadership I 1 6/15 (Tanaka)
Leadership I
Leadership II 1 6/22 (Tanaka)
Leadership II
Risk management I 1 6/29 (Matsumoto)
Risk management I
Risk management II 1 7/6 (Matsumoto)
Risk management II
Environmental Impact Assessment 1 7/13 (Yorozu)
Environmental Impact Assessment
Special lecture by extramural instructor 2 1 7/20 (Kumagai(JGC CORPORATION))
To be announced
Feedback 1 7/27 (Matsumoto)


Course materials will be provided.


1. Lock, Dennis. Project Management. 10th edition. Gower Publishing Ltd.
2.Cleland, David L., and Lewis R. Ireland. Project Management. 5th edition. McGraw-Hill Professional
3. Roger Miller and Donald R. Lessard. The strategic management of large engineering projects, Shaping Institutions, Risks, and Governance, The MIT Press


No pre-requisite

Independent Study Outside of Class

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