Course Title : Frontiers in Modern Scinece and Technology (6H course)

Code 10i051
Course Year Doctor Course
Term First term, intensive
Class day & Period Intensive (Saturday, Jun.-Jul)
Location B-Cluster 2F Seminar Room
Credits 0.5
Restriction Student number will be limited.
Lecture Form(s) Intensive Lecture
Language Japanese
Instructor GL center: J.Assoc. Tanaka, Matsumoto, Ashida, Maeda and Related professors

Course Description

This course provides lectures and panel discussions by lecturers inside and outside the campus who have a remarkable achievement in engineering and are active as international leaders.


Separate four classes will be provided. One class has three hours. Each class will assign a report. Evaluation bases on the assignment and class contribution. The classes will be opened on Saturdays. In 6H course, students have to select two classes and will earn 0.5 credits.

Course Goals

This course cultivates the ability to develop familiar problem consciousness into a big concept through utilizing the materials of advanced fields in each field. This course also shows how leaders have improved their response to problems. Through this course, students learn fundamental culture, and the importance of human growth.

Course Topics

Theme Class number of times Description
Topic 1 2 Detail will be announced later
Topic 2 2 Detail will be announced later


Course materials will be provided.



Independent Study Outside of Class

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