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Course Title : Exercise on Project Management in Engineering

Code 10i059
Course Year Master and Doctor Course
Term 2nd term
Class day & Period Friday 4th period and 5th period
Location B-Cluster 2F Seminar Room
Credits 2
Restriction Student number will be limited.
Lecture Form(s) Seminar
Language English
Instructor GL center: J. Assoc. Prof. Matsumoto, Ashida, Maeda, Yorozu
Assoc.Prof. Lintuluoto

Course Description

In this course, students will apply the engineering know-how and the skills of management, and group leadership which they learned in the course of Project Management in Engineering to build and carry out a virtual inter-engineering project. This course provides a forum where students’ team-plan based on ideas and theories, decision making, and leadership should produce realistic engineering project outcomes. The course consists of intensive group work, presentations, and a few intermediate discussions. A written report will be required.


Report, class activity, presentation

Course Goals

This course prepares engineering students to work with other engineers within a large international engineering project. In particular this course will focus on leadership and management of projects along with applied engineering skills where the students learn various compromises, co-operation, responsibility, and ethics.

Course Topics

Theme Class number of times Description
Guidance 1 10/5
Introduction to Exercise on Project Management in Engineering
Lecture on tools for the Project management in engineering
Teamwork 7 Each project team may freely schedule the group works within given time frame. The course instructors are available if any need is required.
Mid-term presentation 1 Each project team will have a mid-term presentation.
Lecture & Teamwork 2 Some lectures will be provided, such as Leadership structuring, Risk Management, and Environmental Impact Assessment, depending on projects you propose.
Presentation 1 Each project team will have a presentation based on its proposed project.


Course materials will be provided.


Will be informed if necessary.


Fundamental skills about group leading and communication, scientific presentation.

Web Sites

The web-site will be opened in the home page of the GL education center.

Additional Information

The number of students may be restricted. Students are requested to check in advance whether the credit from this course will be accepted as a graduation requirement for their department.