Course Title : Experiments on Soil Mechanics and Exercises

Code 31380
Course Year 3rd year
Class day & Period Wednesday・3-4
Location Kyotsu1・Kyotsu3・Butsurikeikosya The 1st seminar room
Credits 2
Restriction No Restriction
Lecture Form(s) Seminar and Exercise
Language Japanese
Instructor K. Kishida,M. Mimura,T. Inui,S. Kimoto,Y. Higo,H. Gotoh,T. Kitaoka,M. Sawada,Y. Sawamura,A. Takai,K. Ueda,

Course Description

The first aim of this course is to acquire laboratory and in situ testing methods to assess engineering properties of soil, which were taught in the soil mechanics course.


Laboratory: Each student is expected to conduct the experiments to gain hands on experience.
Attendance: Full attendance to lecture and laboratories is compulsory.
Grading policy:Laboratory Report, 100% of the course grade.

Course Goals

To help students in understanding the soil mechanics concepts given in the Soil Mechanics course with hands on experience.
To be able to carry out all soil mechanics fundamental experiments.
To collect, analyze and interpret experimental data.
To have a feeling of engineering properties of geomaterials.

Course Topics

Theme Class number of times Description
Introduction and Orientation 1
Physical properties of soils 1 Structure of soil, Engineering classification of soils, Consistency Limits, Grain size distribution
Compaction Test 1 Laboratory compaction tests, Factors affecting compaction
Hydraulic Conductivity Test & Particle size distribution test 1 Permeability and seepage, Darcy's law, Hydraulic gradient, Determination of hydraulic conductivity, Particle size distribution of soils
Model test on seepage flow in soil 1 Model test on seepage flow in soil, Flow net analysis
Consolidation Test 1 Fundamentals of consolidation, Laboratory tests, Settlement-time relationship
Unconfined compression test 1 Stress-strain and strength behavior of clays
Direct Shear Test 1 Mohr-Coulomb failure criterion, Laboratory tests for shear strength determination
Sounding methods 0.5 N-values of standard penetration test and elastic wave exploration
Centrifuge model test 0.5 Experiments using the similarity law of centrifuge test
Shaking table test 1 Experkiments using the shaking table test on dynamic behaviours of soils and foundations
Computer Exercise and numerical analysis 2 Fundamentals of math and physics for geotechnical engineering
Special Lecture 1 Special lecture on soil mechanics
Exercise 1 Practical application of laboratory testing data
Feedback 1 Summary of experiments on soil mechanics


To be announced in the class.



Soil mechanics I and exercises(31620)
It is recommended to take soil mechanics II and exercises in parallel.

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