Course Title : Transportation Management Engineering

Code 31520
Course Year 3rd year
Term 2nd semester in 2018
Class day & Period Monday・3
Location Kyotsu155
Credits 2
Restriction No Restriction
Lecture Form(s) Lecture
Language Japanese
Instructor S. Fujii,T. Yamada,

Course Description

This lecture is aimed at explaining methodologies of survey, desigin and operation for urban traffic and transportation system, which may contribute to enhancement in safety and efficiency of travel.


Students will be graded considering both assingnments and term paper.

Course Goals

The students who complete this course are expecting to explain well the significance in the methodologies used for survey, desgin and operation of transportation planning and traffic engineering. In addition, these students are expecting to apply the methodolgies for the actual case.

Course Topics

Theme Class number of times Description
Outlines of Traffic and Transportation Engineering 1
Road Transportation Planning 2
Survey and Analysis of Travel Behavior 2
Approaches for Travel Management 2
Survey and Analysis of Road Network 3
Traffic Flow Theory 1
Plannig and Design of Road 1
Traffic Operation 2
Feedback 1


Y. Iida and R. Kitamura: Traffic Engineering (written in Japanese), Ohmsha, 2008 .



The students are recommended to take 'Probabilistic and Statistical Analysis and Exercises' and 'Systems Analysis and Exercises for Planning and Management' in advance.

The exercises related to the class are assigned to the students in order to encourage them to review the contents of class.

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Additional Information

The way to contact with the professors for Q & A is provided at the first class of this course.